The best Underwater drone on the market today is the PowerVision Dolphin.

PowerVision Technology Group is the developer of the best unmanned aerial vehicles on the market today, The PowerVision Dolphin drone, for above water and under water multipurpose uses.
This drone is unique in its own way, a definite must for any water enthusiast who wants to make their underwater memories come alive.

Today we talk about the PowerVision Dolphin.

The PowerVision Dolphin is an amazing unmanned surface vessel and can record 4K videos and photos underwater and above water and is an excellent imaging system for any user. This PowerVision Dolphin drone is also equipped with water mapping functions, and intelligent functions for fishing.
The PowerVision Dolphin comes in three different packages, the Explorer, Standard, and Wizard Models.

The PowerVision Dolphin can be used by anybody who loves water sport, fishing, and photography. This product will also be amazing for a scientist to advance their exploration of marine life in the oceans, reefs, and animal observation.

The PowerVision Dolphin underwater Drone is the best multipurpose imaging system currently available.

The PowerVision Dolphin comes with a GPS waypoint function for creating actual underwater topographical maps and uses an intelligent sonar device to make this all possible for the user of this drone.
This sonar mapping feature is the first in the marine industry and will create many options for multiple kinds of users of this drone. Using external mounting equipment this drone can find fish, lure the fish, and perform troll fishing for the user.

The PowerVision Dolphin is a remote-controlled vehicle that can lure fish to any location and can directly tow any size hooks or lures.

The PowerVision Dolphin comes equipped with an intelligent fish finder and uses real-time detection to find fish in 131 ft of water and it helps fisherman to determine the best possible active fishing areas.
The PowerVision Dolphin comes equipped with a 220-degree dual-joint rotating camera and gives the user the ability to shoot underwater and above-water videos and photos in 4K.

This camera gives the user the first-person perspective and can rotate 150-degrees below the water and 70-degrees above the water. The user can in real-time perform image transmissions of all high definition 4K videos and pictures using the ultra-long-range wireless 1080P and the APP Vision system.
The front adjustable lights are incredible for situations needing illumination. This drone can also shoot across the water at up to 11 miles per hour allowing for amazing opportunities in photography and videography. PowerDolphin is equipped with a 5800-mAh IPX8 battery giving the user 2 hours of battery life.

The PowerVision Dolphin can be purchased on Amazon.com for an excellent price of $999.00.

Today is the time to increase your above water or under water experience and memories so go out and get yourself the PowerVision Dolphin today!!!!