MANTIS Q Mini Drone

The Ultimate Experience, The Mantis Q Mini Drone is the answer!!!

Compact and powerful, The Mantis Q is the razor’s edge in advanced technology. This Drone supplies the user with features like voice control, facial detection, and 4k video resolution and comes in an easy to carry package. The Mantis Q efficient design allows it to stay airborne for 33 minutes which gives the pilot all the time needed to produce great videos and top-quality pictures. The Mantis can be folded and it weighs only one pound So, it’s small enough and easy to carry with you anywhere you want to go. It’s the Ultimate companion for all adventures in your life.

Your adventures recorded in 4K UHD
The Mantis Q Mini Drone has an Integrated Camera; create videos and photos in High resolution 4160×3120 (4:3) or 4800×2700 (16:9) pixels. The Mantis Q mini-drone has a Micro SD card which you can keep videos or pictures in DNG OR JPEG format or record 4K of videos. The Mantis Q has an in-flight camera tilt feature that allows for an upwards tilt of 20-degrees and a downward tilt of 90-degrees, which allows for some incredible Photographs and videos. The Mantis Q mini-drone comes with flight modes Orbit Me, Point of Interest and Journey.

Face detection and vision-based tracking
All you have to do is smile at the drone and face detection is activated. When the Mantis Q mini-drone sees the pilots face, it will capture a photograph up to 13 feet away. In Gesture Control mode, the mini-drone will detect a waving hand and take a photo.

“Take a selfie with the Mantis Q mini-drone!!!”
The user can command The Mantis Q mini drone with the Voice Control Feature just by using their Voice. This feature allows the user to begin recording video or take a picture just by commanding the Mantis Q mini drone. Never taking your hands off the controls is the best part of this feature.

All you have to do is use the commands “Wake up” which will power on the feature and then just say” Take a selfie”, “Take a picture” and “Record a video” and the Mantis Q mini drone takes perfect high-quality pictures or videos at your voice command.

Amazing intelligent flight modes

If you want to stretch your creativity to the next level let the Mantis do the flying and concentrate on the video or Picture. You can set the Mantis Q mini drone into Journey mode, point of interest, sport mode or return home mode. In journey mode the drone will rise in an upward motion on a straight line and then automatically return, giving you an incredible shot.

The pilot can set the Yuneec Mantis Q mini drone to point of interest, and it will automatically circle the object selected. This mode can give the user some of the most beautiful photos and videos ever desired. There is also sport mode which can take the Mantis Q soaring at 44 mph and gives the user incredible handling of this lightweight drone and you can create intense fast paced videos and pictures at these speeds.

The return home mode is creative which commands the Mantis Q to automatically return to the point of the user, and land by your side.

The Mantis Q mini-drone at an incredible price!!!!!
The Mantis Q can be purchased for a low price of 499.99 and also have additional package options like the Mantis Q X-Pack, Mantis Q Propeller Pack, Mantis Q Extended Warranty and the Mantis Q crash forgiveness Pack. Get the Ultimate experience now, and purchase the Mantis Q mini drone, and let the good times roll.